Tobi Polska


TOBI Polska is a brand operating on the market since 2018, which specializes in sewing leather bags from high-quality leather and accessories. The company’s goal is to deliver the highest quality product with great functionality along with attention to detail.

Tobi products are aimed at women and men around the world. Collections are made in limited series. The first one, titled “TRAVELER”, designed and hand made by the creator of the brand, Anna Żelazek, was purchased entirely by a collector in the USA, which is a great success for the company.

About the success of Traveler bags

Handbags of series “Traveler” are Anna’s first original collection. She drew the inspiration from her own travel life style. The combination of leather and the material in this collection reflects the diversity, exotic and uniqueness of each place she visited, as well as the people she met there: their difference and beauty in the way they perceive the world. Rich colors combined with natural leather deeply emphasize the originality and uniqueness of each bag. They are perfect for travel and work. Their special advantage is versatile functionality, packing and durability.